Below are some examples of some real-world commercial mortgages. They represent some of the most common financing options that you’ll likely come across. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like an assessment of your particular sutuation.

Typical Commercial Mortgages Available

117 Residential Units & 2 Commercial Units

$24,000,000 Conventional First Mortgage, Interest Rate @ 3.50%, 10 Year Term, Amortization 40 Years,
Funded in February 2019

88 Residential Units & 1 Commercial Unit

Conventional Equity Take-Out Mortgage of $14,000,000, Interest Rate @ 3.95%, Interest Only Payments with a 24 Month Term

Owner-Occupied Commercial Properties

Low Down Payments Available, with Low Interest Rates, as Owner-Occupation Reduces the Lender’s Risk

Inventory Financing

Inventory Financing for 25 Residential Units, Loan of $13,000,000, Interest Rate @ 5.35%, 24 Month Term

Bare Land Financing

Land bought for Imminent Development normally can be Financed from 50% to 65% Loan to Value, as the First Step in the Development Process

Construction Financing

As the Second Step in the Development Process, Construction Financing is Available from Breaking Ground until the Take-Out Mortgage